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Tool steel plate O1 is a type of oil-hardening steel that is widely used in the production of cutting tools, dies, and punches. It is a general-purpose tool steel that is easy to work with and has excellent wear resistance, toughness, and dimensional stability.

The “O” in O1 tool steel stands for “oil-hardening,” which means that the steel is hardened by quenching it in oil instead of water or air. O1 tool steel also contains about 1% carbon and small amounts of manganese, chromium, and tungsten, which enhance its hardness and wear resistance.

O1 tool steel plate is available in various sizes and thicknesses and can be used in a wide range of applications, including blanking and forming dies, gauges, knives, and punches. It is often used in manufacturing processes that involve high levels of stress, wear, and heat, such as stamping, forging, and extrusion.

When working with O1 tool steel, it is important to use proper safety precautions, including eye and ear protection, as well as gloves and other protective gear, as the steel can be quite hard and brittle. It is also important to keep the steel cool during machining and to use appropriate cutting tools and lubricants to prevent damage to the steel and the tools.

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