Mild Steel Round Bar Hot Rolled 1045 Raw Steel Supplier

Mild steel round bar hot rolled 1045 is a type of carbon steel that is commonly used in the manufacturing of machine parts, tools, and shafts. It is characterized by its high tensile strength, good machinability, and moderate weldability.

The 1045 mild steel round bar is produced by heating the steel above its recrystallization temperature and then rolling it into the desired shape. This process results in a steel bar with a smooth surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

When purchasing mild steel round bar hot rolled 1045, it is important to ensure that it meets the required specifications for your particular application. This may include specifications such as ASTM, SAE, or AISI. It is also important to purchase from a reputable supplier to ensure that you receive high-quality material.

The 1045 mild steel round bar is commonly used in applications such as gears, bolts, studs, and axles. It can be further heat treated to increase its hardness and strength.

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