Mild Steel Round Bar Cold Rolled 12L14

Mild steel round bar that is cold rolled and designated as 12L14 refers to a type of low carbon steel round bar that has been cold rolled and contains additional elements, such as lead (Pb), to improve its machinability. 12L14 steel is known for its excellent machinability, making it a popular choice for applications where high precision and smooth finishes are required, such as in machining, manufacturing of small parts, and tooling.

Some key features of mild steel round bar cold rolled 12L14 include:

  1. Machinability: 12L14 steel is specifically designed for improved machinability, making it easy to machine into desired shapes and sizes using various machining processes, such as turning, milling, drilling, and threading. The addition of lead in the composition forms free-machining chips, which helps to reduce cutting forces and extend tool life.
  2. Low Carbon Content: Mild steel round bar cold rolled 12L14 has a low carbon content, typically ranging from 0.15% to 0.20%, which makes it relatively soft and easy to machine, but also means it has lower tensile strength compared to higher carbon steels.
  3. Improved Surface Finish: The cold rolling process used to manufacture mild steel round bar 12L14 helps to improve its surface finish, resulting in a smoother and more uniform appearance compared to hot rolled steel.
  4. Lead Content: 12L14 steel contains a small amount of lead (Pb) in its composition, which aids in its machinability by forming free-machining chips and reducing friction during machining. It’s important to handle 12L14 steel with proper safety precautions due to the lead content, such as avoiding ingestion or inhalation of lead particles during machining or handling.
  5. Versatility: Mild steel round bar cold rolled 12L14 can be used in a wide range of applications where excellent machinability is required, such as in manufacturing of precision parts, gears, bushings, shafts, and other components.
  6. Availability: Mild steel round bar cold rolled 12L14 is readily available in various sizes and lengths, making it convenient for use in different machining and manufacturing projects.

It’s important to consult with appropriate engineering and machining guidelines when using mild steel round bar cold rolled 12L14 to ensure proper machining practices and safety precautions are followed.

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