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Aluminum sheet 2024 is a high-strength, heat-treatable aluminum alloy sheet that belongs to the 2xxx series of aluminum alloys. It is primarily composed of aluminum (Al), with copper (Cu) as the main alloying element, along with small amounts of other elements such as manganese (Mn) and small traces of other elements.

Here are some key properties of aluminum sheet 2024:

  1. High strength: Aluminum 2024 sheet has excellent strength, with a tensile strength of around 470 MPa (68 ksi) and a yield strength of approximately 270 MPa (39 ksi) in the T3 temper, which is the most commonly used temper for this alloy. It also has good fatigue resistance, making it suitable for aerospace and other high-stress applications.
  2. Heat treatability: Aluminum 2024 sheet is heat-treatable, allowing for improved mechanical properties and increased strength through a process called precipitation hardening. This makes it suitable for applications that require higher strength levels.
  3. Good machinability: Aluminum 2024 sheet has good machinability, making it suitable for a wide range of machining operations, such as milling, drilling, turning, and tapping.
  4. Poor corrosion resistance: Aluminum 2024 sheet has poor corrosion resistance compared to other aluminum alloys, particularly in marine and acidic environments. Therefore, it is not recommended for applications where corrosion resistance is a critical requirement.
  5. High fatigue strength: Aluminum 2024 sheet has excellent fatigue strength, making it suitable for applications that require repetitive loading and unloading, such as aerospace and automotive components.
  6. Limited formability: Aluminum 2024 sheet has limited formability due to its high strength and low ductility. It may require special forming techniques and equipment for complex shapes.
  7. Aerospace applications: Aluminum sheet 2024 is commonly used in aerospace applications, such as aircraft structures, fuselage skins, wing skins, and other structural components due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and fatigue resistance.
  8. Other applications: Aluminum sheet 2024 is also used in other applications that require high strength and good machinability, such as in high-performance racing car parts, precision machinery components, and military equipment.

It’s important to note that specific properties and characteristics of aluminum sheet 2024 may vary depending on the temper, thickness, and other factors. Therefore, it’s always recommended to consult the relevant specifications and standards for your specific application requirements, and work with a reputable supplier to ensure that the aluminum sheet meets your intended application needs. Additionally, proper handling and storage of aluminum sheet 2024 is important to maintain its properties and performance.

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