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Mild Steel Beam

Mild Steel Beam has excellent structural integrity which makes it a common building and construction material.

They are often used for structural support in homes, bridges, structural foundations, train trestles, shipbuilding, or any other heavy industrial application where weight and other types of stress such as torsion and vibration are factors.

It has a much larger horizontal span than it does width or depth. Beams are distinguished by the profile, length, and material they are made of. Metal beams are sometimes referred to ‘I’ beams due to the resemblance of a capital ‘I’.

Beam is available in two variations. The Wide Flange Beam, which is also commonly referred to as H Beam are more common and have non-tapered flanges. The larger profile gives the beam enhanced horizontal strength making it more suitable for buildings, bridges, platforms and trailers.

The American Standard Beam has tapered flanges which is designed for applications where the force of the load in more concentrated on the flanges. This type is more commonly used for cranes. hoists, and machine bases.

Mild Steel Beams are commonly measured by their height and pounds per foot.

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Available Grades

Typical Applications: Structural Steel, Signs, Automobiles, Furniture, Decorations, Wire, Fencing, Nails