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Aluminum Plate

Aluminum Plate has many applications in the manufacturing, industrial, construction and transportation industries where it can be used both structurally and aesthetically.

Aluminum Plate is measured by its thickness in inches.

aluminum plate 6061

Available Grades

Typical Applications: Aircraft Fittings, Structural Components, Hardware, Truck Wheels and Parts for the Transportation Industry

Typical Applications: Chemical Tanks, Trim, Pressure Vessels, Piping, Decorative Parts

Typical Applications: Milk Crates, Hydraulic Tubes, Appliances, Kitchen Cabinets, Small Boats , Home Freezers, Aircraft Tube, Fencing

Typical Applications: Walkways, Flooring, Ramps, Bridge Flooring, Trench and Drainage Covers, Mezzanines, Platforms, Stair Treads

Typical Applications: Aerospace, Spacecraft, Missiles, Defense Applications