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Alloy Steel

Alloy steel is a steel that has had small amounts of one or more alloying elements (other than carbon) such as such as manganese, silicon, nickel, titanium, copper, chromium and aluminum added. This produces specific properties that are not found in regular carbon steel.

The elements are added in varying proportions (or combinations) making the material take on different aspects such as increased hardness, increased corrosion resistance, increased strength, improved formability (ductility); the weldability can also change.

Alloy steel is a workhorse of industry because of the economical cost, wide availability, ease of processing, and good mechanical properties.

Alloy steels are generally more responsive to heat and mechanical treatments than carbon steels.

Metal Supermarkets offers a variety of shapes and grades of Alloy Steel, cut to the size you need, including: 4130, 4140 and 4340.

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